This list shows Les' International hits, spanning the last 60 years.

"It's Not Unusual" (Reed/Mason)  Tom Jones
"Delilah" (Reed/Mason)  Tom Jones
"The Last Waltz" (Reed/Mason)  Engelbert
"Winter World Of Love" (Reed/Mason)  Engelbert
"I'm Coming Home" (Reed/Mason)  Tom Jones
"There's a Kind Of Hush" (Reed/Stephens)  The Carpenters/Herman's Hermits
"Tell Me When" (Reed/Stephens) The Applejacks
"Daughter Of Darkness" (Reed/Stephens) Tom Jones
"When There's No You" (Reed/Rae) Engelbert
"Les Bicyclettes De Belsize" (Reed/Mason) Engelbert
"Kiss Me Goodbye"   (Reed/Mason)  Petula Clark
"I Pretend" (Reed/Mason)  Des O Connor
"24 Sycamore" (Reed/Mason)  Gene Pitney
"Hello Happiness, Goodbye Loneliness" (Reed/Greenaway)  The Drifters
"Baby I Won't Let You Down" (Reed/Stephens) Pickettywitch
"Everybody Knows" (we're through) (Reed/Mason) Dave Clark 5
"Love Is All" (Reed/Mason)  Malcolm Roberts
"Don't Bring Me Your Heartaches" (Reed/Callander) Paul & Barry Ryan
"Sylvia" (Reed/Stephens)  Elvis Presley
"To Make a Big Man Cry" (Reed/Callander) P.J Proby
"That's What Life Is All About" (Reed/Crosby/Dacre)  Bing Crosby
"Man Of Action" (Reed)  The Les Reed Orchestra
"Marching On Together" (Reed/Mason) Leeds United FC
"Leave a Little Love" (Reed/Callander)  Lulu
"Gina" (Reed/Murray)  Wayne Fontana
"Here It Comes Again" (Reed/Mason)  The Fortunes
"Ensemble" (Sometimes) (Reed/Mason)  Mireille Mathieu
"When We Were Young" (Reed/Mason)  Solomon King
"Does Anybody Miss Me" (Reed/Worth)  Shirley Bassey
"One Day" (Reed/Mason) John Rowles
"Rain, Rain Go Way" (Reed/Scott)  Eden Kane
"Please Don't Go" (Reed/Rae) Donald Peers
"Give Me One More Chance" (Reed/Rae) Donald Peers
"Everybody Knows I Love You" (Reed/Duncan)  Steve Lawrence
"La Derniere Valse" (Reed/Mason)  Mirielle Mathieu
"Have Pity On The Boy" (Reed/Mason)  Paul&Barry Ryan
"Claire" (Reed/Stephens)  Paul&Barry Ryan
"Does Anybody Miss Me" (France) (Reed/Worth) Nicoletta
"Childhood Places" (Reed/Mason)  Theresa Brewer
"Just Like A Man" (Sweden) (Reed/Mason)  Lil Lindfors
"Delilah" (Reed/Mason)  The Alex Harvey Soul Band
"No One Can Break A Heart Like You" (Reed/Rae) The Dave Clark 5
"Tears Won't Wash Away Your Heartaches" (Reed/Stephens)  Ken Dodd
"Here's It Comes Again" (Italy) (Reed/Mason)  Rita Pavone
"Somewhere In The Crowd" (Reed/Mason)  Solomon King
"Marry Me" (France) (Reed/Mason)  Sacha Distel
"Three Good Reasons" (Reed/Stephens)  Frank Ifield
"Delilah" (Reed/Mason)  Russian Red Army Choir
"Something Bad On My Mind" (Reed/Mason)  Timi Yuro
"Beautiful Second Hand Man" (Reed/Worth) Ginette Reno
"Leeds United" (Reed/Stephens) Leeds United FC
"Leave a Little Love" (Reed/Callander) Diane Shaw
"Delilah" (Germany) (Reed/Mason) Peter Alexander
"The Last Waltz" (Germany) (Reed/Mason) Peter Alexander
"Gone From My Mind" (Reed/Stephens) Mirielle Mathieu
"That Wonderful Sound" (Reed/Stephens) John Rowles
"Three Good Reasons" (Africa) (Reed/Stephens) Connie Franics
"My Son" (Reed/Roberts) Eddy Arnold
"My Son" (Reed/Roberts) J.J Barrie
"Remember" (Australlia) (Reed/Mason) Des O Connor
"I'll Find My Love" (Reed/Mason) John Rowles
"Tell Me When" (France) (Reed/Stephens) Claude Francois
"Spare A Thought" (France) (Reed/Stephens) Claude Francois
"Leave a Little Love" (France) (Reed/Callander) Johnny Halliday
"Rowbottom Square" (Germany) (Reed/Mason) Barry Mason
"The Way" (USA/Canada) (Reed/Mason) Fastball
"County Down" (Reed/Dempsey) Brendan Shine
"Au Revoir Daniel" (France) (Reed/Mason) Mirielle Mathieu
"Les Bicyclettes De Belsize" (Reed/Mason) Mirielle Mathieu
"Don't Wait Until Tomorrow" (USA) (Reed/Reilly) Tom Jones
"Hanging Around" (Reed/Mason) Eden Kane
"I Love Her" (Reed/Mason) Paul & Barry Ryan
"I Never Said Goodbye" (Reed/Mason) Engelbert
"We Fell In Love" (Reed/Seago) Engelbert & Lori Marks
"I Thought I Knew" (Reed/Cahn) Malcolm Roberts
"Just Like A Man" (USA) (Reed/Mason) Margaret Whitting
"Learn To Live Without You" (Reed/Stephens) The Bachelors
"Love Me" (Reed/Mason) Danny Williams
"Marry Me" (Reed/Mason) Engelbert
"Now That You're Gone" (Reed/Stephens) Ken Dodd
"Sally Sunshine" (USA) (Reed/Stephens) The Mills Brothers
"Silent Street" (Reed/Mason) Paul&Barry Ryan
"Sweet Souvenirs Of Stefan" (Reed/Mason) Mirielle Mathieu
"You and I" (Reed/Macauley) Peggy March
"Kiss Me Goodbye"   (Reed/Mason) Red Hurley
"The Magic Touch" (USA) (Reed/Greenaway)  Tom Jones
"If We Lived On Top Of A Mountain" (Reed/Mason) Cleo lane
"It's Your Day Today" (Reed/Mason) P.J Proby
"Turn Around" (Reed/Mason) Tony Christie
"When Love Has Passed You By" (Reed/Mason) P.J Proby
"Daddy I Love Him" (Reed/Mason) Helen Vondrackova
"You Bring Out The Woman In Me" (Reed/Greenaway)  Nancy Wilson
"Three Good Reasons" (Reed/Stephens) Dana
"Tomorrow Night" (Reed/Stephens Eden Kane
"Silver & Blue" (Reed/Mason) Jimmy Young
"Girl Of Mine" (Reed/Mason) Elvis Presley
"Girl Of Mine" (Reed/Mason Engelbert
"I've Got My Eyes On You" (Reed/Rae) Petula Clark
"Bring Back The Good Times" (Reed/Stephens Gerry Monroe
"Marry Me" (Reed/Mason) Dean Martin
"You Bring Out The Woman In Me" (Reed/Greenaway)  Patsy Gallant