Les was a resident pianist at the Lido Restaurant in London’s West End under the musical direction of Harry Singleton. One very important factor of Les’s role within the club was to audition artists on a Sunday, to appear the following week in the cabaret spot. He remembers a young singer called Barry Mason, who turned up for an audition. This was the first time Les had come across Barry Mason, and he duly conducted the audition but turned him down, instead favouring a specialty act called Fluffles Malone! She had tassels tied to her backside and breasts, which rotated in time to the music! She fascinated Les, as he was playing piano behind her for all to see!!    

A couple of years later, Barry came into Les’s office and told Les off for turning him down at that particular time! However, he did present Les with some beautiful lyrics and a new partnership was born.

It was about this time that Vic Flick invited John Barry along to the Lido nightclub to see Les play, as John was keen to add piano to the up and coming ‘John Barry Seven’. John was dutifully impressed, and Les attended an audition the following day. His future with the John Barry Seven was sealed.

Les Reed Fig 11