In 1965, Gordon Mills rang Les to see if he would like to see an act called Tommy Woodward performing at a cinema in Slough. Les wasn’t impressed to begin with – Tommy was dressed in tight black trousers and silk shirt, with medallions around his neck and a rabbit’s foot around his waist! But, when he opened his mouth to sing, Les was in awe! Tom Jones was discovered that day, managed by Gordon Mills. Tom recorded many titles with Les as a composer, MD and arranger. One of the songs being “It’s Not Unusual” (Reed/Mills). It was not only the making of Tom Jones, but the recording became a hit in virtually every country in the world. Many hits emanated from then on, not least of all, “Delilah”, “I’m Coming Home”, “Daughter Of Darkness” and “Green, Green Grass Of Home” (the latter was not written by Les, but he was responsible for the arrangement and was pianist and co-producer on the recording).

Les Reed Fig 19A