Gordon Mills was so delighted with the success of Tom Jones and, looking for other artists to manage, he signed Gerry Dorsey and renamed him Engelbert Humperdinck. Again, Les was asked to compose, conduct, arrange and co-produce Engelbert’s recordings. Les took over after “Release Me” became a huge hit.   “The Last Waltz”; “Winter World Of Love”; “Les Bicyclettes De Belsize” and “When There’s No You” were provided by Les and his team of lyricists over the next few years.

It was at this time that Les came across a new artist, Malcolm Roberts, and was asked to produce recordings for Malcolm. In the next few years, they made many recordings together, not least of all “Love Is All” which, as we all know, took Brazil by storm.

Throughout 1967, Les was offered many important artists/singers including Petula Clark, The Dave Clark 5, The Fortunes and Des O’Connor, each of whom took Les’s songs high in the charts, not least of all “Kiss Me Goodbye” (Pet Clark); “Here It Comes Again” (The Fortunes); “I Pretend” (Des O’Connor) and “Everybody Knows” (The Dave Clark 5).

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