After his demob, Les’s friends took him to the local working men’s club to celebrate. There was a featured cabaret that evening and a photographer, working for the Woking Opinion, was taking photographs of the performers. At the end of the evening, Les was at the bar and overheard the photographer, June, ask the bartender if she could hire a taxi to get home. The bartender said it was too late for a taxi and, in jest, suggested that she could use his butcher’s bike, which was parked outside. Always the gentleman, Les offered to take June home, to Knaphill, Surrey, on the bike and, much to his surprise, she agreed. It was a horrendous journey but they finally made it to her home. Les and June agreed to meet the following day at a restaurant in Woking. Whilst having tea and cakes, Les was explaining his desire to go back into the army. June fixed him with her wonderful smile and said: “Please don’t go”. From those three words and her beautiful expression, his decision was made…. No more army!