Les is still writing!

Les is still writing songs for various artists and his vast catalogue has brought forth many recordings by International artists.

The Autobiography

Les has just started working on his much requested Autobiography. Keep your eyes peeled for further information…

The love of classical pieces

Les has always loved and indeed performed classical pieces and has written many suites, including, “The Niagara Suite”, “The Jubilation Suite” and “The Grand National Anthem (The Mersey Suite)”, amongst others. His greatest desire was to write a fully blown symphony and he has now achieved this, with his Erin Symphony, of which he is adding the finishing touches to at this time.

At the start of 2017

At the start of 2017, Chapter One Records and Cherry Red Records, formed a partnership to promote the Chapter One Catalogue. The first project in this joint partnership was Gerry Monroe “Sally Pride Of Our Alley, The Complete Chapter One Records”. We are currently working on the next release, which promises to be a very exciting project!!